Miss American Girl Pageant Round #3

                                   And now we will begin our swimsuit competition!
First we have Miss Texas....Summer! She enjoys staying healthy by taking walks with her dog.
Next we have Miss Washington....Mckenna! She stays fit by doing gymnastics!

 Here we have Miss New York....Sarah! She thinks it is important to not be a couch potato!    She likes to spend time outside.

 Last we have Miss New Mexico....Saige! She stays heathy by eating her veggies and swimming in her pool!
Winking at the judges won't work, Saige.

Well ther you have it. That completes our swimsuit competition. Stay tuned for round #4!


  1. That's sooo funny how Saige was winking!!!!! My sister's Gotz doll tends to do that all the time, I think her eyes might be a little loose!


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  2. Hey I was wondering if you could tell me how to create a blog me and my Dad have been trying to do it for a while but we can't seem to find out how

  3. awesome! I might try with my dolls sometime