Miss American Girl Pageant Round #6 Miss Congeniality Award!

We asked our dolls to pick the doll who was the kindest, most caring out of the group. It was unanimous.
Mckenna remembered when she was having trouble with her hair and started banging her head against the mirror.
Summer was there to help.
Sarah remembered when she fell down while goofing around, and broke her leg.
Summer was there....

                                        When Saige was so nervous about going on stage,
                                          and had to be calmed down. Summer was there.
     Summer, we are happy to present to you the 2013 Miss Congeniality award! Congratulations!
                                                           Thank you girls! What an honor!
Stay tuned for the votes to open! Remember, the winner will be chosen by you, my followers! So I will need lots of votes. Invite anyone you know to come over and vote once I post the final round. Thanks!


  1. Summer sounds like such a nice doll.

  2. I agree, but I am a gymnastics girl and like McKenna best :)

  3. Congrats Summer!