Miss American Girl Pageant! Round #1

 And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to present our first annual doll pageant on funwithagfan! Each day, I will have a different round with these four lovely girls. When you see the final post, you may comment down below the doll that you think was the best.
                                                 Up first, we have Miss New York, Sarah!

                                                Next, we have Miss Washington, Mckenna!
                                            And I guess we have the two girls fighting now.

                                              Here we have the lovely Miss Texas, Summer!

                                             And finally, we have Miss New Mexico, Saige!

                                                  Here are all four of our contestants!

                                              This completes the first round--introductions!


  1. How exciting, I can't wait to see which girl wins!

  2. I think Saige was probably the best, at least the best-behaved!

  3. Stay tuned in case you change your mind!

  4. Except for when she's kinda conceited