How to make an 18" doll hammock

 I found these summery flags at the Dollar Tree, and thought that if I put two together, they would  make a perfect doll hammock.

                         You will need: two banners (about 20" long), glue gun and glue stick.
 First you stack them together on opposite ends making sure that the handle is one on each end.
                                                     Carefully line them up evenly.
 You might need to ask for help for this one. Have an adult or friend hold down one end in place while you glue.
                                    Then press down after adding glue on just a small section.
                                                         Continue all the way down.
                                                 Make sure the tips are glued securely too.

                                                     Here is the finished hammock!
                     Find something to hang it on! Sarah sure is relaxing in the shade and sun!