American Girl Doll Lounge Chair Tutorial

             Today I will show you how to make the chair Summer is using in the post from yesterday.
                                                        Doesn't she look comfortable?
Things you will need: a knee pad (I found this one on clearance at Jo Ann Fabrics), two brass rods (I got them at Hobby Lobby about 1/8") or some thick wire found at the hardware store--they come in a big roll of it, glue gun and glue stick. That's it!
This one is from Menards because I forgot to take a picture before, but it is my moms and I gave it back to her after the photo. You put the two rods on each side of the knee pad. This will support the chair.

Fold your knee pad to the angle you want. Then gently bend the rods to match it and glue them on with plenty of glue! That's it!
That's my little brother in the background.
I even curved the part under her legs a little bit to look like a real lounge chair. The rods help it stay the way you bend it.
                                                     Summer sure is enjoying the new chair!


  1. Is there any way you can add legs to the chair?

    1. you could take bottle caps and hot glue a bunch together and hot glue it to chair

    2. or u could use duck tape rolls

  2. Love it and ya just curious has you foind a way to make legs for the chair?:)

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